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Below are some frequently asked academic advising questions. If you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact the Graduation Director ext. 2205 or Academic Advising Director ext. 1144.​

Forest Academy


Why are there so many blank FOR [Forest] lines on the degree audit?

This is to reinforce that a Forest Academy is required for each semester students are enrolled full time (Undergraduate AND Graduate programs.) We will update and adjust the FOR listings as semesters go by.

Why is FOR 103 Health-Related Fitness listed as a preregistered class on new students' Class Selection forms?

Our new students are automatically placed into FOR 103 for their second semester. FOR 103 is a prerequisite for all other Forest Academies so must be taken during undergraduates’ second semester.


What does "Needs Follow-up Essay" beside Composition 1 on a student's degree audit mean?

It means the student took the Composition Assessment and was close to passing out of Composition 1 but was border line. The Follow-up Essay determines whether this student can waive Composition 1 or not. Encourage them to get in touch with Gerry Geer to complete their Follow-up Essay.

Can Composition 2 be waived by taking a placement test?

No. Comp 2 has to be completed at MUM or an equivalent course transferred in from an approved institution. Note: Composition transfer credit has to be approved by Gerry Geer:


Our majors can't take CCTS this semester. They need to take our major's [...] course instead of CCTS or they'll be delayed a year.

In these cases only, the student should take your course this semester and complete their CCTS requirement in the following semester (their second semester at MUM.)


What is Math 050 and 051? What happened to 150, 152 and 153?

Math 050 is a Basic Mathematics Review Course. It is taken by students who placed into Basic Math 150 and require Math 153 or higher for their Major. Math 051 is a Basic Algebra Review course for students who placed into Math 152 or Math 153 and require one or both for their Major.
These review courses allow students to go-at-their-own pace. The student receives credit for whatever level he/she achieves by the end of the course. If a student puts forth an honest effort and passes a certain percentage of the course but doesn’t achieve level 150, 152 or 153, they do not get a failing grade.


I don't understand the different Math requirements. Can you help?

There are three different Math requirements:

1. General Education Math Requirement (Math 153 or higher)
ALL undergraduate students must complete the General Education math requirement of Math 153 Intermediate Algebra, or higher. (This requirement is also termed “Math Distribution Requirement.)
Students CANNOT take a math assessment and place out of this requirement. Students CAN transfer-in credit (approved by Anne Dow) or complete Math 153 or higher at MUM to meet this requirement.
Students whose major does not require Math can take MATH 200 or MATH 266. These courses are generally easier and more enjoyable for students with little to no math aptitude.
Students whose major requires Math should take the Math Review course appropriate to their level.

2. Majors’ specific Math requirements Students CANNOT transfer-in credit to satisfy their Major’s math requirement. They CAN place out of it if they pass that level in a Math Placement Assessment. Otherwise, they will have to take the required Math course at MUM.

3. Prerequisite Math for a major’s course Again, Students CANNOT transfer-in credit to satisfy a prerequisite Math course. They must either take the Placement Assessment and place out of the prerequisite math level, or take the required prerequisite math course at MUM.
NOTE: All undergraduate students should take the Math Placement test. Students can study up and try to place higher at a later date. Refer them to for more information and practice tests.
A math flowchart is included in your advising handbook.

For more information, please view the math placement page or contact the Math Chairperson, Anne Dow.

Physiology is Consciousness

Why is Physiology is Consciousness listed in the last block of new students' first semester on their Class Selection form?

We want our students to understand early on how lifestyle effects awareness, and share with them how they can be a more successful student by taking care of their physiology.

What if a student needs or really desires another course during that last block of their first semester at MUM?

That’s fine. We only advise; they choose. However, they really should complete Physiology is Consciousness during their first year at MUM. If you get a student who continues to put off their General Education requirements, remind them of the consequences–decreases opportunity to be a successful student right from the start; courses are only offered during specific months and fill up quickly; several general education courses are prerequisites for other courses; scheduling conflict can arise later with their required major’s courses; delaying general education courses can delay graduation…

Individualized Majo

One of my advisees wants to pursue an Individualized Major. How can I assist?

In the event that no single major alone satisfies a student’s interests and career goals, he or she may, with the guidance of two faculty, propose an Individiualized Major that meets all the standards of a college major but is composed of courses from two or more major.
Before students can start an IM they need to complete 20 credits of their general education requirements, and should have a “B” average in their general education requirements. Once they have fulfilled this requirement (and before completing half of the proposed major courses) they can meet with the IM academic advisor.  (John Collins is the IM academic advisor and I try to filter students before sending them to her.) Students will be asked to consult with two faculty and together design a major of at least 48 credits with one concentration of at least 16 credits taken from one major.
Show your advisee the Individualized Major section in our MUM Catalog. (Pages 334-335 of the 2016-2017)


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